Alcohol Addiction

woman in painUnfortunately, long term alcohol users did not have the intention of becoming alcoholics when they first began consuming alcoholic beverages. Goals and other plans become secondary to the addiction of alcohol. Alcohol can be the most difficult drug to overcome because it can be found most anywhere. Nearly every single convenient store in world has alcohol. Most social gatherings and many other types of get-togethers have alcohol available. A little over 50% of Americans make drinking a regular part of their lives and 64% of Americans consume alcohol. 23% ofAmerica’s drinkers have a serious problem and have lost control. Alcohol has become more than regular in their life and now is considered to be an addiction.

Drinking and Driving

About 35% of American households own three or more vehicles. Driving is part of everyday life for most Americans. However, alcohol and driving is deadly. This is a big part of why alcohol kills more people every year than all illicit drugs combine. One third of automobile accidents are caused by impaired drivers. It can be a fatal to step into a vehicle that has an impaired driver. Most drivers that have been guilty of a DUI repeat the same mistake until they make a life altering mistake and take the life of another driver or passenger. Having a DUI conviction can ruin freedom in many ways. Higher insurance premiums become required. To have DUI removed from record a petition for an expunged criminal record must be filed. Until it is removed, jobs that do background checks can be very difficult to get.

Addiction Effects

Alcohol is both physically and mentally addictive. Intoxication can affect the normal functions of the body, along with its motor skills.  Other than causing people to make decisions they normally would not if sober, alcohol harms the body. Permanent damage to the liver, brain and other organs can occur. While drinking a person can have the following symptoms:

  • Dehydration
  • Clouded vision
  • Light headedness
  • Stomach pains
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue

Those are just six of the many side effects alcohol can have on a person short-term. Quitting can be physically demanding after alcohol has been ingested long-term. Anxiety, seizures, delirium tremens, and hallucinations must all be accounted for when someone abruptly stops the use of alcohol.

Wine is often advertised as healthy for the heart; that’s a very small amount throughout the week. Too much of anything causes problems, especially alcohol.  The alcohol industry has exaggerated health benefits for alcohol and the health benefits the alcohol industry has made claim to be highly controversial. There are tolerance levels to alcohol, and the more someone drinks over time, the more they must consume to get drunk.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

A fatal decision can be to mix alcohol and prescription drugs. At some point, most people inAmericaingest a prescription drug, usually for medical purposes. Alcohol enhances the effects prescription drugs have on a person. Alcohol can affect the metabolism of other drugs, and can be a more toxic substance. Kidneys filter the blood and do not metabolize drugs like the liver does. If the kidneys are damaged, drugs can build up in the body. Mixing alcohol with other illicit or prescription drugs can destroy the body in an even faster way than just the alcohol alone.


Alcoholism is a disabling addictive disorder otherwise known as alcohol dependence syndrome. A person suffering from alcoholism is a very compulsive drinker. Despite having trouble in all areas of life, health, social standing, and relationships; an alcoholic will suffer from uncontrolled consumption. Fear will take over when alcohol is no longer available to the addict. Withdrawals are not a desirable condition. However, alcohol essentially damages every single organ in the body with continuous use. Many medical and psychiatric disorders stem from alcohol abuse as a result of damaging the brain. Alcohol at that point, takes control over the addict’s life, and they will not be able to go around alcohol without a desire to consume it. Alcoholics are unable to control how much alcohol they ingest.

Alcohol Treatment

Rehabs do exist for people wishing to overcome their addiction. One factor that’s shown effectiveness in overcoming addiction is when an alcoholic handles the reason why they chose to drink. That along with the physical pains causing a mental craving for alcohol is two reasons, that if handled, allow someone to overcome their addiction.

Detoxification programs are available to remove harmful residues from the body. Programs like Narconon Arrowhead have saunas that clients, under medical supervision, have the opportunity to eliminate physical cravings for alcohol as well as other drugs. Severe cases of drug and alcohol addictions may require medical detox to prevent serious injury or death when coming off of a highly addictive drug.

The mental phases of programs are considered by many experts to be the most important step in addiction recovery. That boredom is a typical reason why someone can turn to alcohol. Alcohol becomes the solution to the problem. Since alcohol is a depressant, it can be another often sought after solution for depression since it dulls the sensory receptors in central nervous system.


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