needing helpAlcohol addiction can be regarded as a major factor in societal problems. At most activities in our society, alcohol is involved. Because alcohol is so pervasive in society, the fact that it is a killer may be missed.

In theUnited Statesalone, excessive alcohol consumption is associated with approximately 75,000 deaths annually. It causes fatal car accidents and is involved in domestic and child abuses. The substance is a contributing factor in failed marriages, failed careers, and failed academic activities. But in reality, the dangers of alcohol, being as severe as they are, do not get very much recognition.

Those who live with an alcoholic understand the problems that excessive and chronic alcohol consumption can create. For the loved one, their foremost concern is finding a way to keep the alcoholic from drinking so they can stop the problems being created by the alcoholism.

Finding Treatment for Alcohol Addiction Problems

Finding some sort of treatment for alcohol is not that difficult. There are thousands of them across the country. In addition to more than 10,000 drug and alcohol treatment facilities, there are tens of thousands more religion-based and secular recovery support groups and meetings.

But what kind of treatment is most likely to be successful? According to the National Institute on Drug Addiction, an inpatient alcohol recovery program of 90 days or longer is most likely to allow time for real recovery.

This is the format offered by the long-term residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program at Narconon Arrowhead. Those wishing to recover from alcoholism come to Canadian,Oklahomafrom all over theUS, finding in the Narconon program what was missing in other programs: a thorough address to the root causes of alcoholism and the tools to help a person stay sober after graduation.

Narconon Program Enables Recovering Addicts to Make Fundamental Life Changes

Recovering from alcoholism is never an easy task. The alcoholic is likely to put many obstacles in their own way of recovery. This is one of the reasons for a longer program. There are areas of life that must be confronted. Relationships must be straightened out so that the recovering person is not living with guilt and shame. The life skills portion of the Narconon alcohol recovery program walks the recovering alcoholic through these steps, allowing each person to progress at their own rate.

Self-esteem and self-respect are normally some things that an alcoholic has left far behind. Specific counseling and life skills classes help in this area as well. Each person has a chance to learn the basics of personal integrity and to use what they have learned to restore their own self-respect. There are few improvements more vital to long term sobriety than liking and respecting yourself.

What the Narconon Alcohol Recovery Program Graduate Can Look Forward to

Once the entire Narconon program is complete, a former alcoholic has accomplished some major milestones. He (or she) has gone through a thorough detoxification program that uses a sauna, exercise and a strictly controlled regimen of nutritional supplements to flush out residual toxins resulting from alcohol consumption. This cleansing results in improved perceptions, clearer thinking and a greater ability to apply oneself to recovery.

He can look forward to knowing how to stay out of situations and associations that threaten his future sobriety. She will have goals to lead her through the challenges of making sober decisions. Every graduate will have had the chance to leave the guilt and depression of addiction behind, replacing it with an understanding of how they gave up on themselves and succumbed to addiction.

She (or he) has a better chance of staying healthy by avoiding the diseases common to long-term drinkers, like cirrhosis of the liver, several types of cancer, cardiovascular disease and illnesses that often result from risky sexual activity. She can also give birth to a healthy baby who has not been affected by fetal alcohol syndrome disorders or lose a baby due to alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

He will avoid the dangers of drunk driving. He may even be an inspiration to friends who have not yet taken a look at their own problem drinking.

It is hard to believe that millions of Americans need help recovering from alcoholism but do not get it. In 2009, more than 15 million people abused alcohol and another three million abused both alcohol and illicit drugs. But nationwide, only 2.6 million found alcohol treatment. Sadly, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the main reason the others did not find treatment is because they did not think they needed help.

If you or a family member you love need help to leave alcohol abuse behind, contact Narconon Arrowhead for help. Narconon’s intake counselors have many years of experience helping thousands of people resolve addiction problems like the one you are facing today. Call 1-888-824-0448 for help today.





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