Alcohol Abuse

There must be a hundred good reasons to end alcohol abuse. And there is not a single reason to continue to abuse alcohol when effective help is at hand. Here’s a look at some of the best reasons to quit drinking:

Reason #1: Prevent serious physical problems. Chronic alcohol abuse is known to contribute to heart disease, cancer of the esophagus, colon and liver and cirrhosis of the liver, a fibrous condition that prevents the liver from being able to do its job. It also can cause pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas that causes severe pain and sickness and requires immediate medical care.


Reason #2: Alcoholism abuse is associated with domestic violence. One study in Memphis showed that of domestic violence cases in that city, nearly all assailants had used either alcohol and/or drugs the day of the violence.


Reason #3: Alcoholism abuse is very often associated with higher levels of physical or sexual abuse of children or neglect of children. Stopping alcohol consumption reduces the chance that you will be involved in any abuse of others.


Reason #4: To have a longer life. The World Health Organization estimates that more than two million people a year die due from alcohol-related causes. These causes include traffic accidents, drownings, assaults, preventable diseases and alcohol poisoning deaths, among others.


Reason #5: Not being hung over in the morning any more, as well as not feeling foggy, headachy, and out of it.

Reason #6: No more blackouts or amnesia.

Reason #7: You will be a better employee, have fewer accidents on the job, and be more likely to hold your job. Your job performance will be better, you will be more able to complete tasks on time and it is very likely that you will miss fewer days of work.


Reason #8: You will not endanger others with workplace accidents or poor driving.

Reason #9: You will not be at risk of driving while intoxicated or drunk and therefore you cannot go to jail for these crimes. Additionally, since alcohol is involved in assaults, thefts and murders, you reduce the chance that you will yield to poor alcohol-impaired decisions and harm someone else, landing yourself in jail for days, weeks or even much longer.


Reason #10: When you dedicate yourself to becoming sober, you can reclaim your self-respect that was lost when you began to chronically abuse alcohol.

Every person who is addicted to either drugs or alcohol commits acts during that addiction that they regret. As a result of those acts and as a result of the physical abuse of alcoholism or drug abuse, addicts end up with a heavy dose of both guilt and depression. Adding to the depression is the long list of losses usually suffered by those who have been addicted to any substance over a period of time: loss of authority or job; loss of spouse, children or home; loss of prestige or wealth; loss of possessions such as cars and valuables. Sometimes loss of freedom by being incarcerated for DUIs or assaults committed while intoxicated. Many people have gone to an alcohol abuse recovery program from their jail cells.

With all the reasons to end alcoholism abuse, there are no good reasons to let it keep on happening. The right time to quit is as soon as alcohol consumption gets beyond the drinker’s control, as soon as it starts creating damage to the person’s life but they continue to drink. That’s the sign that the addiction to alcohol has taken over. Right at that moment, they start needing help to quit drinking.

Narconon Arrowhead Offers Help in a Residential, Long-term Format

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a long-term drug or alcohol treatment program is the best guarantee of success. Shorter programs just do not allow enough time for the person who has become addicted to build a new drug-free life to replace the one that was destroyed by drugs.


It does take some time to learn the life skills that enable drug-free and alcohol-free decisions. At Narconon Arrowhead, each person learning to overcome addiction to alcohol has a chance to break the cycle then and there.

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