California Alcohol Rehab

California is notorious for its perfect weather, movie stars, and large consumption of alcohol. California is one of the largest states within the United States and is located near two convenient entry ways into the United States from Mexico or the Pacific Ocean. California is estimated to have a population nearing 34 million people. California has a very diverse population of whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians.  Not to mention the numerous amount of visitors that flock their everyday to visit many attractions such as Disneyland, the ocean, and movie premiers. California is probably most famous for the latter and its extensive party scene. Because of its notorious party scene the rate of alcoholics becomes very high. It was reported that alcohol abuse was higher among the Caucasian race (27%) than compared to Hispanics (19%) and Blacks (15%).

In 2009 California reported 3,081 fatalities from car accidents, and 1,118 of those were alcohol related. Under California law, “non-jury” DUI is misdemeanor offenses, but the 4th one becomes a felony in which the offender is sent to state prison. In 2008 an estimated 1,000 people were killed in accidents where one driver had blood alcohol content (BAC) over the legal limit.


California Laws to Help Cut Down on Alcohol Abuse:

California has taken many approaches to help slow down the amount of alcohol consumed one approach they took was at a movie premier. California has always been known for its elaborate movie premiers and after parties were often large amounts of alcohol are consumed. But at a recent movie premier for the new Pirates of the Caribbean it was a completely “Dry” premier. People were searched before entering the premier; of course the fact that the premier was dry was strongly affected by the fact that it took place at Disneyland, which is a liquor free park. The fact that they took the chance to make the premier dry and still have so many people show up was proof that alcohol is not needed at the premiers.

Although California still sells alcohol at all percentages in both grocery stores and convenience stores, they have however made a law to where alcohol cannot be sold during the times of 2 and 6 a.m. California has implemented a “zero tolerance law” which prevents individuals under the age of 21 to drive while intoxicated, due to DUI penalties for those with a BAC or .01 or higher. A driver can lose their license for a year if they refuse to give a chemical test to check their BAC level. They have even implemented stricter DUI laws on individuals of the legal drinking age. For a first offense DUI you lose your license for four months, the 2nd offence results in two years, with a 3rd offence being three years. Along with losing your license for three years the driver’s vehicle could be confiscated, and alcohol education classes will court mandated. After a 4th DUI conviction it is listed as a felony.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment Is Available

Because of California’s large population, finding alcohol rehab may be difficult. Not only are there large amounts of people looking for the correct treatment, but some facilities may charge outrageous prices due to the large influx of celebrities that come in. Fear not though, because there numerous ways in which an individual can receive help. An individual has just began to develop an addiction to alcohol they can receive help by attending regularly scheduled meetings with an alcohol addiction counselor, or they can attend Alcohol Anonymous meetings.. Many individuals develop an addiction to alcohol as a way to solve their problems or to escape from everyday reality. addiction referral specialists will work with the individual around their schedule to help them get their life back on track and find the root cause of the addiction.

Although sometimes alcohol addiction can become so severe that the individual actually requires more intensive care at a closed off and secluded location. This type of care can be found at treatment facilities all across the United States. Here individuals will receive not only one on one care with a qualified counselor but also be able to interact with individuals in the same situation as theirs. Treatment facilities are good for a number of reasons, one of them being the specialized care and interaction they receive from counselors and other recovering patients. The other is the solidarity of not having to deal with any outside issues of society like work. This allows for the individual to solely concentrate on their addiction and working overcoming it.

Not all types of addiction treatment are right for everyone. To find available treatment that fits your life and schedule call an addiction counselor at Narconon Arrowhead today at 1-800-468-6933 and they will work to find you the effective care you need. Don’t waste nights worrying about finding help, call today and someone will be waiting by to help you today.

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