Oklahoma Alcohol Rehab

Oklahoma may not be one of the largest states in the United States. It is home to some large lakes, major universities, and not to mention it is the crossroad for two major highways that cross the United States. These two highways connect the North to the South and the East to the West. These two highways create a large amount of traffic that can lead to increased population, greater likelihood for accidents and even increased transport of illegal drugs and alcohol.

Currently the state of Oklahoma has a population of roughly 3 million people within its 77 counties. However if you include the estimated 200,000 students enrolled each school year in Oklahoma colleges that number increases as well. Considerably the amount of alcohol consumed also increases as these students make their way back to colleges like the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University.

In 2009 Oklahoma had a reported 8,633 motor accidents; of this only 209 were fatal. This is a surprisingly low amount when you consider other states statistics on drunk driving, although most of these crashes are happening within the metropolitan areas of Oklahoma City and Tulsa. In a recent study done it was reported that 25 percent of underage drinkers had consumed alcohol within the past month.






Oklahoma Laws to Help Cut Down on Alcohol Abuse

Oklahoma has already taken many steps to help cut down on the amount of alcohol consumed by its citizens. Within the State of Oklahoma alcohol is only sold in private retailers that are only accessible by individuals over the age of 21. Grocery stores and gas stations will only carry low alcohol beer, and nothing over. To help prevent drunk driving the state has also required that any high alcohol be stored and severed at room temperature. Local ordinances also control the hours are sold and served. Oklahoma also operates under a “implied consent law” this law says that a driver must comply with an officers request to test for blood alcohol content. A DUI conviction is Oklahoma results in a driver’s license suspension for thirty days, the state may also choose to confiscate the driver’s vehicle as well. After a drivers first conviction any following DUI’s are listed as a felony.

Because college students make up a large percentage in the state’s population, colleges have began enforcing the “dry campus” rule, which bans alcohol from the school’s campus. One college is particular that has this law in effect is the University of Oklahoma in Norman. The Norman campus of OU was not always a “dry” campus until after a freshman pledge died in 2004 due to alcohol poising. In January of 2005 OU President David Boren made the campus dry and banned any alcohol use on campus. A three stick policy was implemented that would effect a student on or off campus. If a student received three strikes they became suspended from the university for one semester. In the 5 years that the policy has been in effect only nine students have been suspended. OU has greatly decreased the amount of alcohol that is being consumed by students on campus. They have even taken to creating a “Saferide” taxi that is completely free to OU students who decided to go off campus and drink.





Alcohol Addiction Treatment is Available

Alcohol addiction is a very common especially around college students, and smaller states. Due to Oklahoma’s large recreational lakes and wide open plains the desire to drink arises. This is because many people often claim there is nothing to do or that by drinking they let loose and have fun. These two things are a main reason so many people today are suffering from alcohol addiction. If this is you or someone you know, fear not they can receive help in several ways.

One way for an individual to receive help is by attending regularly scheduled meetings with a addiction referral specialist. This counselor will work with the individual to overcome their addiction while also helping to cope with the problems that started the drinking in the first place. Sometimes counselors will even direct the patient to attend A.A. meetings so that they can relate to others and develop a support group with others and for their self. These meetings have proved to be very effective when the individual attends them on a regular basis, however, sometimes life gets in the way and the individual may fall back into a relapse. If this happens there are treatment facilities available for their use.

A treatment facility allows for the individual to place their self in solidarity so that they may overcome their addiction without all the distractions of everyday life. Often times this is the best option for someone who is suffering from a serious addiction. These treatment facilities include specialized counselors who work with the individual to wean them off of the drug and help get their life back together. Don’t worry yourself with trying to find the right kind of treatment instead call Narconon

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