Alcohol Treatment

happy smiling girl with blue backgroundOne of the most commonly treated addictions today is alcoholism. An addiction to alcohol is very common in today’s society due to the extra amounts of stress and increased workload that are placed upon individuals. Due to its readily available access by anyone over the age of 21, alcohol consumption normally happens on a daily basis.

When an individual begins to receive treatment for their condition, they are often oblivious to the fact that they have a problem. Addressing that a problem is present is one of the first goals to overcoming your addiction.  Loved ones play an important role, by helping spot the addiction and then working to set up an intervention plan.

Signs of an Addict

Here are a few ways to notice if you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol and needs to receive help.

  • They constantly have a alcoholic drink in their hand
  • Development of a higher alcohol tolerance
  • Unable to cut back on alcohol consumption
  • Losing touch with family or friends
  • Inactivity in activities they once loved

If you notice these symptoms in someone you know there are several ways for them to receive effective treatment.

Different Types of Treatments Available

There several different ways in which a person can receive treatment and help. Alternatively these methods also work in correlation with each other to help make a treatment more effective.

The Withdrawal and Detoxification Process

A first step an alcoholic in recovery will go through is the detoxification process and withdrawal. When an individual goes through withdrawal that means they are going through a process of detoxification from drugs or, in this case, alcohol. This process is a way of weaning an individual off an addictive drug. Often times, the individual will experience health effects, such as a state of confusion and even hallucinations, these health problems are monitored very closely and, if they become severe, are treated with medications administered to them by a trained professional. The detoxification process will last anywhere from a day to a month, depending on the substance of abuse. It is important that the detoxification process be administered with a treatment center or hospital so that possible risk factors can be monitored.

Establishment of A Treatment Method

After the individual has started the detoxification process, the next step is to develop a plan to handle the addiction. This can include the process of deciding what type of behavior or life style changes they must make to have a smooth recovery. Keep in mind, once you begin treatment, keeping in touch with a specialist, so that they can track your process and help make sure that your goals are achieved, is very important.

Counseling and Support Groups

Counseling is very important for a recovering addict. Meeting with a counselor at least once a week will greatly help an individual. There are several different methods in which an individual may receive counseling, one of which is meeting one on one with a addiction referral specialist. Within these meetings, the counselor will work to help address the problem in which caused the substance abuse. Once you have discovered the underlying issue, working to prevent the issue from arising again will be much easier.

A second type of counseling is group meetings. Group meetings provide the individual with a calm atmosphere. Individuals are able to share their stories with others, who are going through very similar situations. A very common and effective example of a support group is Alcoholics Anonymous. Groups allow individuals to build close relationships with others, that way they can help each other over come their battle and know they are not alone.

Secluded Treatment Facilities

For those individuals that are having a tough time battling alcohol in the outside world (i.e. having to deal with friends, family, work etc.), they have the option to retreat to a residential facility. This will allow the individual seclusion from the outside world, so they can devote all of their time to the help they need. Treatment facilities like these will include all the amenities listed above. Along with getting the help they need, individuals are also able to learn about why the effects of alcohol work the way they do and how this affects everyone.  When one can understand why something works the way it does, they are able to control how it affects them, to an extent.

Alcohol Addiction is a serious problem that is affecting millions of people around the world, but with the proper care and support they are able to overcome the problem. Always remember, it is never too late for you or a loved one to receive the treatment for addiction. To talk to a addiction referral specialist, you can call Narconon Arrowhead at 1-888-824-0448 , and a specialist will be there to assist you.


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