fast foodWe’ve all been there. You are running late and you just need a quick meal with no fuss. You are watching what you eat (usually) but today will just have to be an exception. Fast food restaurants aren’t the healthiest option, but they sure are convenient. Now picture this: you hurry into your local fast food joint and suddenly you notice that alcoholic beverages are now listed on the menu. That is about to become a reality at a new Taco Bell location opening in Wicker Park, Chicago, Illinois. (more…)

alcoholDrug substances are dangerous in any form, simply because they are chemical substances that can affect and destroy the normal functions of the human body. While these substances are truly not safe for use in any quantity by anyone of any age, it can be especially disturbing when they are made to be appealing to younger individuals – particularly children. It is for this reason that powdered alcohol should be illegal in every state in the country. (more…)

workerA poll has been done in the United Kingdom, surveying four thousand adults to find some answers on their opinions and habits related to drinking. The survey revealed some troubling facts about alcohol use and abuse in the UK, especially where young professionals are concerned. To outward appearances, young professionals are the up and coming young adults who will hold the country’s future in their hands. However, in England many of them appear to be too busy holding a glass of wine or beer. (more…)

alcoholIt’s one of those fun little trivia facts: consuming a little bit of alcohol has been conclusively proven to help with various health conditions like heart health and diabetes. Conversely, drinking more than one alcoholic beverage per day has long been known to cause adverse effects to one’s health. From the simple pain of a hangover to the onset of more difficult medical issues like anemia and heart disease, alcohol can really wreck the body if too much is consumed. (more…)

How Alcohol Affects Your Overall Health

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wineAlcohol sometimes seems like America’s favorite pastime, especially when a big “drinking holiday” like St. Patricks or Cinco de Mayo has just occurred. In truth, only about fifteen percent of Americans are considered “problem drinkers,” which is one step down from alcoholism. At that stage of the game, they are definitely consuming more alcohol than is good for them. (more…)