BrochurePixWLogoNarconon stands for NARCOtics-NONe, and stays true to that meaning by having a completely drug free program. The word Narconon further defined means no drugs. Narconon is a long term treatment program where both the mental and physical aspects of addiction are taken into account. Narconon is one of the world’s most successful programs to date and is located in more than 40 countries worldwide on 6 different continents. People have been known to try over 14 different rehabs until they found the Narconon program. Narconon’s success has been 51% higher than the normal average for state funded programs. Narconon Arrowhead, one the world’s largest drug rehabilitation program, has a 76% success rate. Students graduating the program have the opportunity to give back to society and be productive contributing members in their communities. The Narconon program has helped numerous individuals with their unique approach at drug addiction.

Program Overview

Students who enter Narconon go straight to a withdrawal specialist to detox from any drugs they may have been using. After the student show no more signs of withdrawal, the student will then move on with the rest of the program. Shortly after the withdrawal portion of the program, the student does a short study over Narconon sauna program. Students learn how this process works and learn how important it is to have a healthy diet, especially while in sauna. Harmful residues trapped within the body are released through sweat. The sauna provides a healthy way of releasing these drug residues in a shorter amount of time than. While chemicals and toxins are being released, vitamins and minerals are burned up and can be depleted. Vitamins are available and administered to students in the sauna program to prevent a vitamin deficiency. The sauna is a vital part of the Narconon program and its execution makes it distinct from other programs. A major reason why drug addicts find it so hard to stop using is the physical craving that can occur years after drug use has stopped, as a result of the drug metabolites stored in the fat cells. Drugs, as they travel to the blood stream, store in the fat, and when the fat cells are burned up through exercise or some other activity which raises your blood pressure; physical cravings re-stimulate the addict. After all drug toxins have been alleviated from the body, they will finish the sauna and move on to a series of life skills courses. After the student finishes sauna, their IQ and ability to study will be much improved in almost every case. Removing the harmful drug residues from an individual completely revitalizes them emotionally and physically. They are left with a more refreshed outlook on all aspects of life.

History of the Narconon Program

Narconon was founded on February 18th 1966 by William Benitez, an inmate at Arizona State Prison. Benitez wanted to establish a drug rehabilitation program within the walls of the prison. He realized the need to help people with technology he learned through books and tape lectures that could help redevelop skills that had been lost over time. He used life skills courses from these books to find the reason why the drug addict turned to drugs and alcohol as a solution to their problems. This was used to help end addiction

Lack of goals, boredom, and curiosity can lead someone to drugs. When someone does not have purpose to what they are doing in life, they turn to drugs. This simple fact was uncovered in the Narconon program. It is very common knowledge made available through courses in Narconon, which was discovered and implemented by William Benitez.

Technology of Narconon

The technology used in the Narconon program the key to the success of the program. The courses used at Narconon are designed to help improve conditions in life. These courses help take care of the underlying reason why the addict turned to drugs and give them the life skills to prevent falling back into drug addiction. Students on the Narconon program usually enter at a chaotic time in their life and need to handle social problems with family and friends; sometimes legal issues as well. The courses provided within the Narconon program help students take control over their lives. Individuals taking these courses can improve a variety of skills ranging from study habits all the way to communication and personal ethics. Higher standards and goals are set by students by the time they finish with these course, bringing the student to a position where they are able to be independent.

What makes Narconon different from many other programs is the principle of allowing the individual who turned to drugs the opportunity to bring themselves out of that condition on their own determinism. People do not solve problems for students, but course supervisors are available to show students where to find the answers they are looking for.

The Narconon program is extremely effective at ending drug addiction and can be considered the best chance for a drug addict to stop being dependent towards drugs.

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